Meet The BISSELL Family of Pet Vacuums

The people at the BISSELL Company I promise all have pets.

They each have to have a house full to know and understand what it takes to tackle the mounds of pet hair in homes everywhere.

How else would they know how to create such incredible machines that are designed to dominate pet hair like no other?

If you are in the market for a vacuum designed to not only work magic on cleaning up hair, but also can clean your entire home with no problem at all, BISSELL is always the right machine to choose.

For many years the BISSELL family has created outstanding products, for all your floor and even high reaching area needs.

BISSELL saw the need for a vacuum designed for pet owners that would remove animal hair from all areas of the home. It was time to take action, and fierce action they took!

They decided sometime in the early 2000’ it was just the right time. Beings they all had 4 legged critters, they understood the need. No matter how much your pet loves you, they still aren’t going to be concerned about how tidy the house is.

They also knew this was what kept many people from adopting pets. Then in 2001, something amazing happened. BISSELL teamed up with to improve adoption for animals. In 2005, BISSELL launched its super-duper cleaner, “The SpotBot portable deep cleaner”.

Under the guidance of Cathy BISSELL, this was their first product specifically designed for animal hair removal. BISSELL is huge in community funding with pet associations. To this day they continue to support pet adoptions and fund raisers in communities all over.

Since the first BISSELL pet vacuum, several have been designed to follow in its footsteps. Let’s look at a couple of the phenomenal inventions the BISSELL family has brought our way:

  • BISSELL lift-off deluxe pet upright deep cleaner: This machine brings to you 2 machines in 1. It has a full size deep cleaner that can hold up to a whole room as well as a spot cleaner for all those hard to reach areas. It has massive power giving the ability to clean the hardest of jobs. The Spot cleaner is perfect for upholstery, car interior’s, and to clean stairs. This machine offers all you could ever need for your home cleaning needs.
  • Pet Hair Eraser® Vacuum 87B43: This BISSELL pet vacuum offers unique qualities that no other vacuum does. It has a pet hair lifter attached to the bottom of the vacuum. This design has a lint brush that collects all the hair as you pull the machine back. It then releases it right in the path of the vacuum so that the cyclonic powered system can suck it right up. In addition to this, it has a full set of multi-use tools, a pet contour tool, and the pet turbo-eraser tool. This gives you extra cleaning power for those extra hard to reach areas, and bristles to dig in and pull up embedded animal hair.

This is just a starter to the options BISSELL offers for amazing pet removal for your home. Be sure to check out their website to see which one is right for you. As always with BISSELL, you get quality with every purchase, guaranteed.

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