BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Pet Hard Wood Floor Vacuum Review

We all know how hard it is to clean a hardwood floor. Cleaning a hardwood floor that has pet hair on it is even harder. The usual tactics of trying a regular mop just doesn’t cut it and other brands usually leave a residue after cleaning.

I always preferred to use BISSELL products, so I decided to check out their website to see what they offered in pet vacuums.

By the time I finished reading all about the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T, I knew I had found my next purchase. I couldn’t believe all it had to offer.

Don’t let the size fool you when you take it out of the box. It may be small and it may even look like it’s made cheaply, but the only thing cheap about the PowerEdge is the price.

  • The design that makes this vacuum stand out from the rest is the unique V-shape design. This is perfect for cleaning pet hair, dirt and grime in corners, along edges and in very tight spaces, all this without attachments. Cool, huh?
  • The base comes with wipers that are made of material that attracts hair, to pick up dirt and all pet hair.
  • Maneuvers easily around tables and furniture- This is what most women love. It’s hard enough vacuuming an entire home, but when you feel like you are wrestling an alligator instead of vacuuming; it’s much more delightful to have a machine that is easy move.

The V-shape of the BISSELL PowerEdge helps you trap and capture large debris and tiny particles without using a brush roll. The vacuum’s V-shaped wiper is where all the action is. It forces all big stuff on your hard floor in the suction path, while the tinystuff gets suctioned by the arms. Since the wipers consist of hair-attracting rubber like material, they collect much more pet hair than just suction alone. The shape of the base is made for easy clean up along baseboards, furniture legs and in tight places.

This design makes this a remarkable cleaning tool when it comes to picking up particles in any given situation. Its 5 amp power rating, cyclonic cleaning system gives it plenty of amazing cleaning power.

It is lightweight, weighing only 7.5 pounds, comes with a 20ft. cord and a pleated circular filter making it easy for everyone in the household to use. Getting them to do it is much harder. It is a bag less machine with an easy to empty cup, with an added swivel head for better coverage.

For a pet vacuum for hard wood floors you cannot go wrong with this product. There are a few things that I would change; such as the handle has a tendency to fall off regularly, the cord could stand to be a little longer and at times it makes a loud, high pitched noised. Nothing BISSELL will not take care of through their customer service department.

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