Dyson DC41 Animal: The Beast of Vacuums

They say for everything in this world, there is something bigger and meaner ready to take it down.

This theory runs rapid when it comes to vacuum cleaners and their ability to search, locate and destroy the beast of all beasts, pet hair.

That’s right; in homes everywhere are piles and hidden masses of hair accumulating with ONE purpose, to make your life miserable.

The sneezing, and runny eyes, that’s not from the pollen outside, it’s the hair. Sorry you cut your bushes down for no reason. Pet hair’s purpose at one time was to keep your pet warm, but even at some point, they too decided they didn’t want the hair hanging onto them either.

So, now your home has turned into a haunted house of fur and you’re out to find the best vacuum for pet hair.

This is no job for the minor leagues; you’re going to need to call in the pros, the king of removing the demons of fur. There is only one vacuum for this job, the Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum.

The Monster of Them All

So, you have made up your mind and to the store you go. There it is, with a bright light shining all around. The power pulls you in for a closer look. You suddenly begin to see why this is the monster machine pet hair fears. Pesky hair particles stand no chance against the Dyson‘s root-cyclone high tech technology mixed with the power of HEPA filtration.

For those sneaky little hairy creatures that think they have escaped to the ceiling, the DC41 is just waiting for the chance to show them who is boss. The Dyson comes with a wand that has the ability to reach more than 5 times its total length, reaching even the tallest of ceilings.


  • Powerful suction power of the DC41 scored the highest in test against 64 other bag-less vacuums. Scoring was determined in these categories.
  • Suction power for removing hair from bare floors and carpets.
  • Emissions testing proved that the Dyson’s system could withstand the highest running time, proving it could easily do the job for large areas. Airflow being one the most important requirements for power for suction, this monster has this covered.
  • When combining the power, emissions and airplay together, you get amazing suction giving you faster clean up time, making for a happy homeowner. Let’s face it, when the mom is happy, the entire house is happy.

The Good Stuff

The first thing you will notice is the price. This Dyson vacuum might be a little more expensive than the others but for good reasons. Other than the power behind it, it comes with a state of the art debris nozzle/dusting brush combo tool along with a miniature head made just for upholstery. No more leaving the house with 3 or 4 pounds of cat hair on your clothes after a nap on the sofa.

If that doesn’t impress you, this will. It has a cleaner head that self-adjusts for maximum cleaning for different types of floors. No more reaching down trying to figure out what level to place the head on.

With the flip of just one switch and TA-DA the beater bar is deactivated for bare floor use.

With its powerful cyclone and filtration it has the power to remove particles that even the human eye is unable to see. That is 0.5 micron in total size.

Easy on the back and body

The Dyson DC41 is self-propelled making it very simple to maneuver. The handle, a near flat shape makes it simple to clean under beds and tables.

Cleaning the DC41 makes life simple as well, made with a washable filter that last for the lifetime of the vacuum. The hose and accessories are easy to use, head is simple to clean. For best results, cleaning equipment every 3 months in suggested.

Dyson offers a 5 year, full warranty, having excellent reputation in making repairs with no hassle.

This Dyson pet vacuum is in a class all its own. There is no other animal hair remover that can compare to its ability of removing of all that hair that is causing your life such misery. There is relief just around the corner at your local shopping center.

Animal hairs live in total fear of this monster. You will be the envy of all the other houses on the block that have animal hair hanging out the windows.

Do yourself, and your lungs a favor go today and purchase the amazing powerhouse vacuum, the Dyson DC41 Animal, it is indeed a beast.

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