The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Review

The animal that really is an animal

The Dyson folks just keep getting it right! I needed a new vacuum and decided to do some online searches for which type and brand I wanted to purchase this time. There are so many on the market these days that insists there’s are the best. Off course, they can’t all be THE best, right?

I found the Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum and I really liked what all the other’s had to say about the machine. I was pretty impressed with all the awards the vacuum had won as well. For some reason this one stood out. I have a lot of carpet and hard wood floors in my home so I was searching for something that could handle both. I got my wish.

I decided to go ahead a purchase DC65 hoping I wasn’t let down yet again with a flimsy, not so well made vacuum. I made a very wise decision.

The cleaning power to this machine is amazing! On all type floors it gives you equal cleaning power, which for me is outstanding. Dyson has taken cleaning floors and carpets to a whole new level with this machine and I love it!

It has a brand new technology known as “Radial Root Cyclone” that increases suction power. Along with the power is a motorized brush bar that can make cleaning things like stains and pet hair an easy task.

This brush can be turned off so when I need to use it on my hard wood floors or my rugs, there are no scratches or damage to either. Perfect, huh?

The Dyson has added a feature of a lightweight upright ball that adds power and holds suction for cleaning floors without having to rent one of those huge heavy floor cleaners. I love this part. There is so much to this one machine; it’s not JUST a vacuum.

Another great pointer is that the new Dyson animal complete is built with the Dyson Ball Technology. This is so good for people with disabilities, or the elderly that aren’t so strong. It makes it so much easier to handle and maneuver. It is easy to twist and turn around furniture and doorways.

We also have a few pets, and this vacuum has proven it can handle pet hair with no problem. It self-adjust so when you switch from different types of floors, it does it on its own, no more trying to turn hard handles.

The DC64 version also comes equipped with amini turbine tool that will clean cars, upholstery, stairs, closest, corners, drapes, even clothing. It is an air driver, tangle free tool. The handle is designed to position for a comfortable use, not making it hard on your hands at all. Again, this is great for elderly or disabled people.

The Dyson Animal has a cord span of 51.7 feet… WOW, right? As we know the filter is a very important part of a cleaning system. It comes with a HEPA filtration which keeps the dust and pollution from going right back into the air.

I am more than happy with my purchase. No complaints yet. Thank you, Dyson for making my life easier.

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