Eureka Pet Vacuum Cleaners – Stand up And Shout, “Eureka”

It’s no secret the Eureka vacuum cleaner company has an incredible reputation in creating award winning vacuum cleaners.

Consumer Digest for years has awarded one of Eureka’s products, the Eureka Boss SmartVac with “Best Vacuum and Best Buy” awards.

In 2007, the Eureka Capture Vacuum was awarded the “Good Design Award” from the prestigious Museum of Architecture and Design. With all this under their belt, surely having top of the line pet vacuums should be no surprise.

There is an amazing reason to how the name “Eureka” came to be. The founder, Fred Wardell, had this vision on 1909. He had a feeling that his invention would indeed be a product like no other. With that in mind, he chose a name that fit the purpose, one that meant great discovery. “EUREKA” means “I found it” in Greek.

This theory goes all the way back to the Greek Physicist Archimedes when he made the phrase, “Eureka” famous by shouting it as he stepped in his tub and the theory of water displacement he then discovered.

Eureka is known for being extremely conscious of the environment by creating products that keep this in mind with creating innovative products. This includes the pet hair vacuums they began to introduce to the market for those that were seeking help from the company.

The folks at Eureka heard from its customers and gave them what they wanted. With many versions on the market today, there is sure one to please everyone that has pets. With every new invention, there is always one word that can be heard, “Eureka”! Let’s take a look at a look at a few.

The RapidClean

This is one machine that is going to blow you away, literally! It is a cordless handheld pet vacuum with a whopping 14.4 volts of massive power at your service. It is lightweight, weighing only 3.8 pounds making it so easy and with ease to handle.

This pet vacuum was created with pet owners in mind. It comes with a pet brush powerful enough to remove pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Ready for this? It has plastic teeth that dig in and loosen up the hair, a rubber strip that attaches and grabs on and the bristles gets it right out of the way, awesome, huh?

It’s cordless, so that makes it extra handy; no worries of tangling on furniture or having to wind it back up. The Eureka RapidClean Pet vacuum comes with a 14.4 volt battery that will clean a large room one single charge that last for hours.

No matter what you are in the market for in a pet vacuum, Eureka is your company. This company has been around for years, has years of outstanding service with many options in pet vacuums with one made especially for you.

Charging Stand & Tools – A charging stand conveniently stores the handheld vacuum, crevice tool and dusting brush while not in use.

As an environmentally conscious company that prides itself on creating innovative products, Eureka is constantly shouting “I found it!” Whether it was the development of the “wooden lung” in 1949 or the vacuums that proudly display the ENERGY STAR® rating today, they are committed to the next great innovation.

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