Eureka Easy Clean 71B Corded Hand-Held Vacuum Review

Need a handheld vacuum that will have no problem removing embedded dirt and pet hair from your home or car with ease? Then you can stop shopping! You have found the one machine you need, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B.

This vacuum is perfect for your home, upholstery, and even stairs. It comes with a sturdy stretch hose, the “Riser Visor”, a revolving brush roll, AND attachments for all those hard to reach places.

For those places too small for the brushroll to reach, the Easy Clean 71B comes with a crevice tool that is right onboard for easy to reach convenience.

It may be a handheld vacuum, but have no fear; it packs a lot of muscle. It has amazing suction power enough to even battle hard to pick up cat litter.

Eureka took care of the need for extra reach when they added the deluxe hose. The hose stretches three times its length and the vacuum has a 20 ft. cord that wraps for easy storage. These two combined give you the capability to move around the house with ease, getting to all the hard to reach areas.

It comes with an extra crevice tool that slips easily onto the end of the hose; this vacuum has no problem reaching the tight spots others can’t.

The part that is amazing and what sets this handheld apart from others is the fact it has two motors. One motor gives it the massive power it has with its 5.5 amps, the other is for the revolving brush. Two mighty ways to clean like you want a machine to clean for you!

So, just what IS the “Riser Visor”? Well, its Eureka’s brand new addition that is the grandest thing since peanut butter. It’s a clear, plastic cover that while cleaning horizontal areas, the Riser Visor stays down, but then for vertical surfaces, ta-da, it flips right back up! This makes cleaning stairs risers a breeze with the revolving brush.

The best part, no mess because there is no bag to have to mess with. The Eureka comes with a plastic easy to empty cup that is as simple as removing and shaking out residue when full. Because of its amazing suction power, the cup fills quickly, so you will need to empty it often.

This Eureka vacuum is a powerful, solid made handheld vacuum. It can be a little heavy perhaps from the two motors. The filter is lasting and durable. However, you will need to scrub it with a brush to clean it well. The debris cup is easy to remove and reattach so this is a plus, especially for women.

Picking up pet hair is a breeze for the Eureka even if it’s embedded in the carpet. Having a house full of cats, you can’t go wrong. The suction on it is amazing for a small machine. And for those little messes that kids make, its perfect to just pick it up, clean up the mess and put it right back up.

If you are looking for a great little handheld vacuum for pet hair, the Eureka Easy Clean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum is a great little machine for the cost.

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