Why The Hoover Pet Vacuum is So Remarkable

The name Hoover has been around for many years, well since 1907 to be exact.

Mr. Murray Spangler, a mere janitor on the midnight shift who also had the love of inventing things, also had a severe asthma problem.

All the dust that would settle in the air as he swept would keep his asthma in an uproar at all times. This is where the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company all began.

While at work one night, Spangler decided to put his invention skills to work and put together something that would help with his asthma while sweeping. The wheels began to turn and Spangler combined a tin soap box, a broom handle, a satin pillow case, a fan, and a tin soap box, and out of that he created the ideal thing to pull the dust out of the air.

Now for over 100 years, households everywhere know the trusted name. The products are well known for being easy-to use, made for the entire home. They have always been proud that their product stands firm that when you clean your floor with one of their products, you also are cleaning the air in your home.

Spangler Becomes Hoover

It didn’t take Mr. Spangler long to realize the sales his creation, “The Suction Sweeper” had future prospects for. This is when he set out seeking someone to back him financially. This is where the name Hoover comes in. Mr. W.H. Hoover, known to many simply as “Boss”, owned a leather manufacturing business. Mr. Hoover bought the patent in 1908, kept Spangler on as a partner, and hired six folks to put together six units per day in the corner of his leather shop.

He then laid the plans for distribution in different stores offering commissions on any sales, this operation still exist today.

In 1962, the beater bar was invented. Throughout the years this invention has been tweaked over and over many times, making several improvements along the way. The general idea for the beater bar was to tap the carpet to loosen all the dirt and grime while the bristles swept up the dirt. Hence the logo, “It beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans”

The making of many

Since those beginning days, many Hoover vacuums have been invented. Today they still hold records for maintaining the prestigious name and reputation it has carried all these years. The Hoover Company expanded when it saw a need rise for pet hair cleaning vacuums. Customers that have always used and loved their Hoover vacuums let their voices be heard for their need for pet hair removal.

There are many options to pick from if you are looking for a Hoover pet vacuum. There are so many that you will need to do your research on each one to get a clear view of which one is right for you. Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Wind Tunnel:Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright
  • Air Pro Bagless Canister
  • SteamVac&regular Pet Complete Carpet Washer with Clean Surge
  • SteamVac Pet Complete Carpet Washer with Clean Surge
  • Wind Tunnel &regular 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright
  • Wind Tunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright
  • Wind Tunnel &regular T-Series&trade Pet Rewind Bagless Upright
  • WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Bagless Upright

Whichever one you choose, you know you are getting the same Hoover quality passed down all these years. That’s why they are still a household icon! Nobody does it like you Hoover, still!

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