Tips for Dealing With Pets That Shed Everywhere

All my life we always had dogs, whether they were inside or outside pets. Last round I had 4 at one time, some that shed and some that didn’t.

After having children, I realized just how nasty a house can get when my son began crawling. He went from looking like a sweet baby to a fuzzy small version of Bigfoot, covered all over in gross hair.

Every time I would pick him up I would see this horrible site on his clothes. Knowing this battle was not going to be a simple one, I had to find ways of ridding the house of the fur from the four-legged kids in order to protect my two legged kids.

Shedding Dog on CarpetFor those that have multiple pets, you know the struggle in keeping hair and dander off the furniture, your clothes and floating in the air.

Especially, when pet hair has its way of hiding in the most mysterious places.

Here are a few steps I will share with you that helped prevent my house from turning into one big fur ball.

Brushing and vacuuming your pets:

  1. Buy yourself a reliable brush and a powerful pet vacuum that will hold up to multiple pets and their shedding. Homeowners report that by brushing in the morning and again at bedtime reduces the amount of hair that invades a home quickly. Tape rollers are another product pet owners have success using. Rollers such as these resemble a lint brush except they have a sticky, one-time use, disposable paper that the hair sticks to when you rollover furniture, clothing or even your pet.
  2. Vacuuming is the leader in method’s of removing pesky pet hair. Many popular vacuum cleaner companies have upgraded their products by offering outstanding vacuums made specifically for cleaning up hairy messes.
  3. Change the air filters: Frequently change or clean the air filters in the home’s air conditioner. Hair tends to flow through the vents finding a home directly into the air, making its way all over the furniture, drapes and even your dishes. Every time the unit is used, hair is continuously being dispersed throughout the home. Keeping clean filter cuts down on flying hair that comes from the vents.
  4. Wash and change their bedding: Washing and changing your pet’s bed and bed linens at least once a week reduces the hair that will cling to their body, dropping off throughout the home. Be sure when you buy your pet’s bedding to buy a bed that has interchangeable, washable covers that make cleaning easy. Cover furniture with washable covers or blankets over the areas that are their favorite resting areas.

Cleaning Furniture

Wiping down your furniture helps reduce the hair particles that remains in the air. Use these simple steps while cleaning:

  1. Rubber Gloves: Latex gloves will pick up 90-95% of pet hair.
  2. Dry sponge: Using a dry sponge will create a ball when brushed over the hair making the pick-up easy.
  3. Slipcovers: Buy washable covers that are interchangeable.
  4. Lint brushes: Use lint brushes on furniture and clothing for easy pick up.

All in all, the most effective method of cleaning pet hair is by doing a lot of dusting and vacuuming alone with grooming your pet often. Keeping a home 100% hair-free is impossible, but by following these simple tips, you can reduce the amount of fur balls floating around.

Be sure to buy a gentle brush for grooming and enjoy the time spent between you and your pet. The more comfortable they are with being groomed, the happier they will be while you brush them, making everyone in the home happy. If you choose to go the vacuuming route, make sure the vacuum you pick is specifically designed for pet hair cleaning.